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Cloud Operations Engineer

Job i København

One of the 3Shape priorities is to utilize cloud providers for us to deliver services internally as well as externally to our customers. Microsoft Azure is our primary cloud provider, and we are growing our services in Azure. We are however also utilizing AWS.

To support us going forward we want to build a Cloud Operations function. We are using our cloud providers for IaaS, PaaS and SaaS.

We are looking for a colleague to our team in R&D in Denmark. The team will be responsible for offering monitoring and management assistance to the teams providing the services deployed to Microsoft Azure as well as managing the infrastructure for our services together with the teams.

You will be responsible for setting up the Cloud Operations function collaborating with all teams in 3Shape with cloud-based services as well as our support functions.

If you think this sounds like a super exciting position, please apply for this job opening.

Key areas of responsibility

  • Take over management of some services and assist management of other services. This could include
    • Provision additional capacity.
    • Deploy/apply software updates as directed by DevOps
    • Assist in troubleshooting QA environments.

  • Monitor and respond to platform service incidents, e.g. by
    • Develop log monitors to scan for errors and other anomalies.

  • Work together wit...