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Job i København


Do you want to be part of a dynamic and agile Company working with technology within Internet of Things (IoT) sensing solutions for smart buildings?

Job description:
You will be part of a unique team of dedicated, intelligent, and creative develop engineers who work with UbiqiSense's state of the art of Internet of Things (IoT) sensing solutions for smart Buildings.

UbiqiSense’s proprietary architecture delivers rich data to the cloud about what goes on in a building, not least about how many, when, where etc.

The use of the sensor data are endless, and today the company is involved with lots of very different customers, who demand a solution, which is more and more customized.

In a short time, you are expected to become one of the best within development in Python and your main tasks will be as follow:

- System integration with both external and internal systems
- You will visualize the value of the data by utilizing all the tools in the toolbox of a
Data Scientist
- You must continuously optimize code for better readability, maintainability
and testability
- You will be the one, who writes tests and make the documentation and you will
carry a project from start to finish and work with several projects at the same

You are offered:
The UbiqiSense office is right in the heart of downtown Co...